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The platform for carbon project management

Kana Hub offers project developers, landowners, verifiers and codes a platform to manage, market, integrate and collaborate.

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Why Kana Hub?

An open platform for managing natural capital projects

Free to use

Free to use

Kana Hub is completely free to use for all parties – offering you the tools to streamline your business without the overhead.

Own your own data

Own your own data

Any data you provide to Hub is yours to own. With third-party integrations you can use your data however you see fit.



Remove the need for email chains and spreadsheets with all your project data stored in one centralised location.



Stay ahead of the curve with the most up-to-date guidance and workflows, with updates rolled out instantly.

Kana Hub UI

Manage your carbon projects

Access detailed project oversight and document repositories, with full audit history available. Access to your projects can be shared with third-party organisations, and marketing or project activities like validation and verification can easily be sub-contracted.

Manage carbon projects

Showcasing your positive impact

It’s easy to evidence the positive impact of your carbon project and show the scale, status and benefits. Units can also be marketed to a wide range of buyers.

Showcase your work

Complete project activities easily

Say goodbye to complex spreadsheets and endless email chains. With Kana Hub, you can seamlessly manage all project activities, including verification, validation, and compliance documentation. Collaborate effortlessly with verifiers and standards bodies, ensuring every step is executed with precision.

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Plan for all upcoming tasks and deadlines

Kana Hub makes it easy to plan your pipeline, with all of your upcoming project tasks, workflows and deadlines, and handy notifications to keep you on track.

Plan your pipeline

Easy onboarding

It’s quick and easy to start using Kana Hub

Step 1

Get in touch with us at and let us know you’re interested

Step 2

We’ll send you all the information you need and templates to fill

Step 3

Your projects will be up and running on Kana and in the UK Nature Directory