Technology to unlock high-impact natural capital investments

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Why Kana

A modern approach to carbon


All of our systems are built and maintained with finance-grade security. Your data is in safe hands


We use smart code generation which means that changes to workflows can be integrated almost instantly

Easy to use

With our users at the centre of all of our design decisions, our systems are intuitive and easy-to-use

Built for you

Our users have been involved at every step in the design process, guiding the product so it's fit for purpose

Green infrastructure

fully integrated products to scale uk natural capital


Kana Hub offers project developers, verification and validation bodies, codes and standards a platform to manage, market and collaborate


Kana Seed offers asset and investment managers a platform to manage natural capital investment and land portfolios seamlessly

Streamline project processes with Hub


Improved process and efficiency

With easy-to-use digitised and comprehensive workflows – from project verification to loss events or disputes – Hub expedites project delivery and allows for market scalability.

Kana Hub dashboard Kana Hub dashboard


All parties involved in the creation of projects

From landowners, to project developers, to verifiers, to codes – Hub offers a centralised location for all parties to collaborate on creating natural capital projects

Kana Hub activity wizard with discussion thread Kana Hub activity wizard with discussion thread


Showcase quality and integrity

Project and organisation listings from Hub are displayed in the public directory, allowing project creators to showcase their work and the quality and integrity of their projects

Kana Earth directory displaying a list of projects Kana Earth directory displaying a list of projects

Manage natural capital portfolios with Seed


Manage natural capital portfolios, strategies and land

Seed offers asset managers and corporates a platform to manage different natural capital strategies and products, efficiently constructing portfolios that align with investment mandates.

Seed portfolio overview Seed portfolio overview


Track performance, risk and more

Advanced reporting on natural capital assets allows Seed users to track portfolio performance, risk or even drift from the original portfolio model, alongside deep insights into portfolio breakdown.

Seed portfolio performance Seed portfolio performance


Trade natural capital units

The Seed platform offers streamlined order and execution management. This digitised and efficient process, alongside a standardised legal framework enable scalable and low cost transactions.

Seed investment selector Seed investment selector